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Hi, my name is Kent.

Okay, so I won't lie to you. This probably won't be the best CodeIgniter tutorial website ever. In fact, as of right now, I only have one tutorial.

I consider myself an intermediate-level web-developer. I'm pretty good. I have lots of experience under my belt. I've used CodeIgniter for about 2 years now. But there are lots of people out there smarter than me. I'll let them create the great tutorial sites.

The only reason I have this tutorial up here on the interwebs for you to read is that I was having a very difficult time using Facebook Connect with CodeIgniter, and couldn't really find any solution on the web for what I was trying to do. So, after I figured it out through about 3 days of trial and error (mostly error), I decided to share what I learned.

Will I add another tutorial in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. An upcoming project is going to require me to use curl with Facebook, and if I can't find any good tutorials out there explaining how to do it, I might share my solution to that as well.

And please, please, please... I'd enjoy any feedback on my tutorial, either through the contact link above, or on the comments section at the bottom of my tutorial pages. It's my first tutorial ever, I wouldn't mind some tips.

Now, go read the tutorial already. Really, there isn't much else interesting on this page.